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dr-rosa-delvaGood Shepherd International Health Foundation, Inc. was created to assist people in underprivileged communities.

Our primary objectives include, building a facility in developing countries such as Leogane, Haiti and the Dominican Republic (The Batey, La Romana, where the less privileged individuals are living. Our health foundation is committed to providing preventive care in areas where it is needed the most. In addition, we are providing a food distribution program, a health education program for infants, children and adults, a screening program for cancer, hypertension, diabetes, sexually transmitted diseases, respiratory diseases, HIV/AIDS, prenatal care, stroke, cardiovascular diseases, malaria,  gastrointestinal disorders, GERD, etc.

dr-rosa-delva-2Good Shepherd International Health Foundation, Inc. will continue to provide the above services in the community of Leogane, Haiti and then to La Romana, (the Batey) in  the Dominican Republic  where most of the neglected individuals are living.

The Nature of our Organization, officially registered and functioning as a non-profit  tax exempt organization, will provide preventive care to low income  and uninsured individuals . G.S.I.H.F., Inc. will continue to provide services and supplies at no cost to less fortunate individuals. Our organization will also have a food distribution program, prenatal care and psychological counseling etc.